Operation Manual DM
◎Usage and Scope of Application of the Instrument : This series of electronic theodolite adopts the photoelectric incremental angle measuring system. They integrate laser, mechanical, electronic and computer technologies all in one, realizing a variety of functions including angle measurement, display and storage. They can also display horizontal and vertical angles and realize conversion from vertical angle to gradient and compensation of vertical angle. The precision of angle measurement is 5".
◎This series of electronic theodolite find wide applications in the Grade III and Grade IV triangle control measurement in national and urban projects, including engineering measurement in railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy, mining projects, etc. It can be also used in various engineering in construction, erection of large equipment and land register and topographic survey and various kinds of engineering measurement.
Model No. GT-118(L)
Objective aperture Φ45mm
Image  Erect
Magnification   30 X
Field of view 1° 30' 
Mini focus 1.35m
Reading system Photoelectric incremental encoder
Minimum reading 1" / 5"
Accuracy 5"
Illumination YES
Display panel Both
Optical plummet 
Accuracy ≦ 0.5mm / 1.5m 
Image  Erect 
Magnification  3 X
Field of view 5∘
Focus range 0.5m 〜 ∞
Laser plummet ( Optional ) 
Accuracy ≦ 1.0mm / 1.5m 
Laser spot size Adjustable 
Laser class Class 2 
Focus range  0.5m 〜 ∞
Level sensitivity
Plate level 40"/2mm
Circular level 8′/2mm
Power supply
Battery Alkaline battery Rechargeable Ni-Hm Battery
Working time Alkaline battery 20hr
Charger 4.8V
Dimensions 180×170×360mm
Weight 5.8kg
Operating temperature  – 20℃ 〜 + 50℃


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