Operation Manual DM
◎ 1000M Laser distance measure in reflectorless mode: Equipped with an absolute encoding system. The users can directly proceed with the measurement after power-on of the instrument. This is very convenient for the users to operate the instrument.
◎ Distance Measurement: New EDM board is smaller and more stable. This is helpful to the measurement stabilization and the quick repair .
◎ Special measurement program: Equipped with the basically often-used function of measurement as well as the special measurement program. This can make the measurement for REM、 Offset measurement、MLM、Resection、Area、 Traverse and Point projection, which can meet the different requirements of the instrument.
◎ Memory: Being able to save 20,000 positions in memory and can record the message of measurement points.
◎ Temperature and pressure sensor ( optional ): For the changeable pressure and temperature, inbuilt temperature sensor and pressure sensor can be helpful for the measurement of high accuracy .
◎ Transmission Interface: PC interface and USB terminal are provided. This is very helpful for the convenience of the data transmission.
◎ Quick Repair Diagnosis System ( RS-1 ) : For the distributors who have their own repair ability, we can provide them with this quick repair diagnosis system. For example; Horizontal level / Vertical reading, instable measurement problem and so on. Through the PC interface and USB interface, the technician can directly proceed with the repair of the instrument.
Model No. GPI-700
Angle Measurement
Measurement Method Absolute
Minimum Readout 1" / 5" / 10"
( 0.3mgon / 1.5mgon / 3mgon )
Accuracy 2"
Distance Measurement ( Reflector )
Single Prism 5000m (under good condition3)
Reflective Sheet 1000m
Accuracy 2mm + 2ppm
Measuring Time ( Fine / Tracking ) : 0.8s / 0.3s
Distance Measurement ( Reflectorless )
Reflectorless2 Range 0.3 ~ 400m(1000m option)
Accuracy 3mm + 2ppm
Measuring Time 1.5s
Magnification 30X
Field of View 1°3'
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.2m
Image Erect
Reticle Illuminated
System Dual-axis
Working Range ± 3'
Setting Accuracy 1"
Bluetooth Option
Interface Standard RS-232, USB, mini-B
Internal Data Memory Approx. 20,000 Points, default 8G USB pen drive
Data Format ASCII
Operation system Real-time Operating System
Display True Color : 320 x 240 TFT Screen
Keyboard 2 sides Alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard
Trigger key Approx. 12000 times
Laser Plummet
Type Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustment / Optical plummet ( optional )
Centering Accuracy 1mm at 1.5m instrument height
Power Supply
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage / Capacity BT10: 7.4V ( DC ) / 3000mAh
Operating Time With BT10 Optimal 16 hours ( Continuous angle and distance measurement every 30 seconds ) / 10 hours ( typical )
Measuring Times Approx. 12000 times
Water Protection IP55 ( IEC60529 )
Dimensions 160 x 150 x 330 mm
Weight 5.2 kg
Operating temperature –20℃ ~ +50℃
Standard accessories Li-ion Battery x 2, Charger x 1, Strap x 1,Transmission cable x 1
Operating manual x 1, Clean paper x 1, Software disk x 1
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